Article | February 6, 2019

How To Increase Email Engagement: Our Best Practices

Source: Yesware

By Melissa Williams, Yesware

ISV Tips On User Engagement & Continuous Product Deployment

When you’re trying to reach someone and they aren’t engaging with your email, it’s incredibly frustrating.

You feel like you’re waving your hands up and down yet you remain unnoticed.

The bottom line: Something was off that caused a disconnect between you and your recipient.

We could chalk this up to:

  1. Lack of engagement: The message didn’t resonate with your recipient
  2. Bad timing: The message was sent at a time your recipient couldn’t respond
  3. Wrong channel: The message was sent via email but the recipient would have likely engaged via another channel, such as phone or LinkedIn InMail

Let’s walk through the simple ways to hit your mark and send a message that gets a response.