Article | February 6, 2019

How To Manage Your Business Development Representative Team Towards Better Results

Source: Yesware

By Greg Keshian, Yesware

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Having a strong business development representative team producing results is one of the most valuable optimizations you could make.

If your BDRs are performing consistently, then you’ll produce pipeline consistently. And consistent pipeline generation is what leads to predictable revenue and reps hitting quotas.

Today, let’s talk about how to build a better team by creating, measuring, and optimizing processes that hold BDRs accountable so that your team performs to their full capacity.

1. Map out your process

First, you need to lay out the process you want your business development representative team to go through. Start with their overall objective, and then figure out all the steps that get them there.

For example, if your business development representative team is responsible for generating qualified opportunities, figure out how you manufacture opportunities.

You probably need to show a demo to get the opportunity. To do so, set the demos on a qualified call or through a qualified email exchange.

Your business development representatives need to be making calls, sending emails, and committing to other types of outreach.

If your reps are focused on outbound activity, then they probably have prospecting and lead generation to do.

Map this process out into all its increments, so that you can measure each piece individually.