Article | September 9, 2019

How To Measure Your Software Delivery Pipeline

Source: Linear B

By Dan Lines, LinearB

Enterprise Software Mobility And Digital Transformation

Software leaders ahead of the curve are using data analytics to create an optimal development environment for their teams. The revolution is happening. If you are not yet improving your team by utilizing data, then you are falling behind.

Using data analytics for productivity improvement is now possible for any software team. At Linear B, we are doing our part in the data-driven revolution by providing a set of foundational metrics for software leaders who are looking to improve their organization. 

In a previous post, I covered our measurement philosophy and initial offering. At that time, the metric set was mostly focused on development and PR-related insights. No doubt, a nice start, but our customers have asked for more and we have delivered.

We have now added project management related metrics (think stories, bugs) in combination with our development related metrics (think code, PR lifecycle). The result, a holistic view of the software delivery pipeline allowing for next-level insights, is awesome.

Onto the good stuff! Below are a few “must have” metrics essential for any software leader responsible for a team.