Newsletter | March 25, 2020

03.25.20 -- How To Move From A Product-Focused Company To A Platform

Software Insights
Customer Success And The Added Value Of Payments
Q&A | A conversation with Dan Viscount, IPOS Division at EVO

Payment processing offers value beyond recurring revenue, it also can help ISVs build stickier relationships with their customers. Dan Viscount — SVP and co-general manager, IPOS Division at EVO — recently spoke with Software Business Growth about this and more.

Tips On How Software Companies Can Improve Their SEO
Article | By Ashley Jones, Global Payments Integrated

A software company’s online presence, specifically their website, is very important to help them reach their business goals. To get the most out of your website, however, you need to spend some time on search engine optimization, or SEO.

Protect Yourself: 8 Security Best Practices For Retailers
White Paper | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

The retail industry is a favorite target of cyberattackers. Cybercrime is big business; it’s projected to cause damages of $6 trillion by 2021 on organizations of all types and sizes.

Robin Supports 200% Sales Team Growth With Yesware’s Salesforce Sync
Case Study | Yesware

Robin Powered is a meeting booking system used by companies like Netflix, Kayak, and Sonos to manage reservations of office conference and call rooms. Downloaded on iPads that are mounted outside meeting rooms, Robin helps employees to wrangle last minute rooms, check into prescheduled meetings, and avoid double-booking across the team.

How To Move From A Product-Focused Company To A Platform
  Article | AppDirect

iCIMS is a leading provider of cloud-based talent acquisition solutions that customers use to attract, engage, and hire employees. Founded in 2000, iCIMS supports 4,000 customers who hire 4 million people each year and is the largest software provider dedicated to talent acquisition.

Leadership Lessons
How To Develop A Customer Health Score
Guest Column | By Ciaren Diante, Capsule

When you have more customers, it becomes nearly impossible to manage each relationship on a personal level. This is why a customer health score is crucial for a growing SMB.

Why You Should Seriously Consider Investing In SaaS
Guest Column | By Arun Upadhay, LionOBytes

Investing in new technology is a big move for any company, especially a small to midsize business, so it’s important to seek solutions that offer the greatest return on your dollar.

Software And Intellectual Property Law: 4 Questions Every Software Business Should Ask Themselves
Guest Column | By Laura L. Hupp, Patent Attorney, Merchant & Gould P.C.

The creation and use of software is closely tied to many intellectual property law concerns that go beyond that “End User License Agreement” everyone claims to have read when they check the box.

3 Ways To Better Enable Your Software Sales Team
  Guest Column | By Joe Caprio,

Modern-day sales professionals are faced with developing the next wave of successful leaders without having enough time or resources to attend to each representative’s needs.