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12.15.17 -- How To Optimize Your Software Company's Remote Workforce

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Embracing & Optimizing A Remote Work Mentality
By Abby Sorensen, executive editor

A solo entrepreneur grew his startup more than 4,000 percent in less than 10 years thanks to a globally distributed workforce. Today, Peldi Guilizzoni can walk to Balsamiq's office in less than 5 minutes, but he rarely goes in. Instead, his software company has embraced a remote work mentality that has allowed it to scale to 29 employees and upwards of $6.5 million in annual revenue.

Fulfilling The Software Value Proposition
By Thomas J. Sweeny, principal and founder, ServiceXRG

Distribution, licensing, the velocity of innovation, and the diminished barriers to market entry make the software industry feel different today. For everything that is different, software is exactly the same at its core. We still sell applications (and subscriptions) to fulfill the expectation that customers can use and apply software to address real business challenges. The basic software value proposition persists. As an industry, how do we ensure that we can continue to meet the needs and expectations of our customers?

Why Channel Partners Can Lead To B2B Software Success
By James Hodgkinson, CEO & founder, Webinfinity

The channel seems like an old-school term for what is such an exciting new-world opportunity. As we sit here today, about 70 percent of all revenue created by technology companies is generated by (or fulfilled through) a partner of some kind. But somehow the potential of scaling through partners is often overlooked or seen as the domain of "old-school" tech companies.

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Coding Culture: Building & Reinforcing Your Company Values
By Abby Sorensen, executive editor

You can't code your way to a strong company culture. There isn't an app for that. I mean no disrespect to software vendors who have clearly recognized a growing demand for this category of employee engagement solutions. But you shouldn't need a piece of software to remind you to recognize your employees. Four software company founders share tips that don't involve using apps and spreadsheets to make a company a place where people want to work.

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