Article | February 12, 2020

How To Sell B2B SaaS: 10 Strategies For Success

Source: AppDirect

By AppDirect

Channel Marketing Strategies for ISVs

Cloud commerce has completely transformed the way people buy and sell almost everything. For businesses, the change has been dramatic, particularly when it comes to software. Procurement processes that used to take months can now be completed within minutes using a credit card and just a few clicks.

It may be easier than ever for companies to buy software, but that doesn't guarantee success for providers. In today's digital economy, software is sold, not bought, meaning providers must take an active role in educating, engaging, and supporting buyers.

Best practices for how to sell B2B SaaS effectively—especially in digital marketplaces—can be hard to come by, which is why we've collected 10 strategies that are being used by some of the world's most successful providers. Each strategy below contains important advice and tips, and taken as a whole, our 10 keys to selling B2B SaaS provide a practical roadmap to help you succeed.

1. Curate a small, highly targeted app portfolio

When you walk into a store and see the shelves stocked with products, it may seem like you’ve hit the jackpot; after all, the store is almost certain to have what you’re looking for. That experience for B2B SaaS buyers, on the other hand, is completely different. When there are too many apps in a digital marketplace, buyers will quickly become overwhelmed.

That’s why you need to start small with software that is highly targeted to your potential customers. By curating the choices that your buyers have, you are acting as an expert advisor, steering them to the solutions that will most effectively address their pain points.

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