Newsletter | May 29, 2019

05.29.19 -- How To Thrive After 30 Years In Business

Featured Editorial
What The Navy Taught Me About Leadership
Guest Column | By Tom Schoen, BTM Global

I worked for the U.S. Navy as a civilian for 11 years, including during the First Gulf War. Those years were full of change, pressure, and growth, and it had a big impact on the leadership style I use today.

How To Thrive After 30 Years In Business
A conversation with Jim Wieland, JW Software

Started on January 2, 1989, in the basement of President Jim Wieland’s basement, JW Software has grown into a nationally recognized claims administration and RMIS software partner that continues to grow both in sales and staff. Jim took time recently to speak with Software Business Growth about what it takes to be in business more than 30 years, challenges facing the industry today, and more.

Software Insights
Is Your SaaS Or Subscription Business Outgrowing QuickBooks?
White Paper | SaaSOptics

There are five main reasons B2B SaaS or subscription-based businesses look for alternatives to QuickBooks. But the truth is solutions exist that address each challenge and make it possible to not only delay an ERP but to thrive until the move is right. 

What Real Sales Engagement Looks Like
Article | By Sophia Seltenreich, Yesware

Let’s get to the bottom of what sales engagement actually is and how to think about sales engagement as it relates to your business and sales force.

Finance’s Guide To Automating Your Subscription Business
E-Book | Sage Intacct, Inc.

Still struggling to manage billing, revenue, recognition, forecasting, and SaaS metrics in QuickBooks or legacy on-premise financial systems? Companies like yours have moved their subscription businesses to automated billing and financials — and achieved meaningful improvements.

In Case You Missed It
How To Leverage Online Pre-Buying To Sell More Software
Guest Column | By Ryan Williams, Custom Business Solutions

As a software provider, understanding the elements of the digital pre-buying process and taking the necessary steps to best position your software will yield more business and greater opportunity.