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12.01.17 -- Inside Sales At A SaaS Pioneer

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Inside Sales At A SaaS Pioneer
By Matt Pillar, Software Executive

As SaaS adoption speeds up, what can developers learn from a cloud trailblazer? Back in 1999, ECM platform providers were at a crossroads. Denver-based Digitech Systems was among those providers, but the company wasn't long for the fork in the road. It jumped into the cloud when cloud wasn't cool.

8 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Software Company
By Ivan Ruzic, Corum Group

Whether you are considering selling in the short term or not, every software CEO wants to build a more valuable company. Here are some lessons I've learned from over three decades of helping software companies realize that value.

Pricing Mistakes At Every Stage Of Software Growth
By Chris Mele, Software Pricing Partners

From free betas to discounting to confusing complexity, your software company needs to avoid these pricing mistakes regardless of what growth stage you're in. When it comes to pricing, if you're a startup, don't overthink it. If you're a growth software company, you're probably already late to the game if this is the first time you're reading about this. If you're an enterprise software company, there's no time like now to begin cleaning up the mess!

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What Mature ISVs Can Learn From A Startup Demo Day
By Abby Sorensen, Software Executive

I wish every established ISV could have been at the software startup demo day I attended last month so they could experience the infectious energy of young, aspiring, innovative entrepreneurs. The buzz in the room wasn't just because the demo day was held in an indoor/outdoor entertainment complex that's home to dozens of rock concerts every year. It was because these founders are capitalizing on important trends in the tech space. Even though some of the startups were pre-launch or very early stage, there are a few takeaways relevant to larger, older software companies.

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