Newsletter | December 19, 2019

12.19.19 -- Inside The Acquisition Of A 10-Year-Old SaaS Startup

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Inside The Acquisition Of A 10-Year-Old Startup
By Abby Sorensen, Chief Editor

The aftermath of the CaterTrax acquisition proves software companies can find long-term solutions without needing headline-grabbing VC-backed exits.

6 Tech M&A Myths & Misconceptions
By Jim Perkins

Far too many software and IT companies are not calibrating their value in the current M&A market. One of the main reasons is that they believe in myths and misconceptions. Here are six of the major ones.

7 Key Questions Every Software Sales Executive Should Ask When Qualifying Leads
By Rachel Smith, VP of Sales, Retail Realm

How fine-tuning your qualification process will yield more sales.

Software License Audits: Vendors Are From Mars, Customer Are From Venus
By Vic DeMarines, VP of Product and Strategy, Revulytics

Audit clauses are a necessary part of enterprise software license agreements, but can often strain even the best customer relationships. It is rare to enter an agreement without the intention of living up to its terms, so when a vendor makes the often difficult decision to invoke an audit clause, customers often feel that they are being wrongly accused of acting in bad faith.

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How To Innovate Technology That Anticipates Customers’ Needs
Guest Column | A conversation with Anthony Macciola, ABBYY

Competition in every industry will always be fierce. Not only will existing competitors continue to launch new variations of solutions, but also new entrants may shake up your industry with market-disrupting business models.

How To Successfully Build A Channel Program
Guest Column | By Todd Rychecky, Opengear

In years past, companies would sell their products to customers through word-of-mouth or paid advertisements. As organizations are now able to communicate with their clients more easily, they have the potential to sell to customers outside of their base regions. To ensure they are reaching all potential customers across the United States, companies must commit to making their presence known in new territories. One way to accomplish this goal? Expanding their channel program.