Article | June 29, 2017

Intelligent Cash Handling Goes Mobile

Source: APG Cash Drawer, LLC
Data Security Challenges

By Robert Banker, APG Cash Drawer

Mobile POS (mPOS) platforms are bringing new levels of convenience and flexibility to retail. Now, a sales associate at a small boutique doesn’t have to be stuck at checkout for the duration of a shift. Thanks to wireless connections, that associate can help a customer complete a transaction anywhere in the store with a tablet or smartphone.

This allows retailers to create a more inviting environment for patrons, some of whom are used to having lots of information at their fingertips from shopping online. With mPOS, stores deliver an online-like experience while going one step further – customers actually can touch, feel and try on items before pulling out their wallets. These days, a smiling face and a personalized shopping experience are appreciated opposed to an automated chat box on a computer screen.