Newsletter | April 29, 2020

04.29.20 -- ISV Sales Advice In A Competitive Payment Landscape

Software Insights
ISV Sales Advice In A Competitive Payment Landscape

In a competitive landscape where merchants face endless options for payment providers, ISV sales teams are looking for ways to expedite sales cycles and offer differentiated solutions to customers. EVO's Dan Viscount recently spoke with Software Business Growth about this and more.

Leadership Lessons
Digital Transformation, Today’s CIO Activity Trap
One of the most common, but subtle waste models is the activity trap. Some poor, struggling sales rep does not know what to do, has massive sales pressure on him or her, so they just “do something!” That something becomes activity like working on an account that will never close but where the prospect will always take a lunch. Activity for the sake of looking like you are doing something — anything!
Tips For A Painless Field Service Management Transition

For most businesses, rolling out new technology can not only be a daunting task, but one met with considerable resistance. One technology that often brings opposition is field service management (FSM) software.

Pandemic Planning: Finance And IT Must Align To Maintain Business Continuity

Business alignment is never more important than in times of trouble. It’s one thing for departments to work well together when business is good. It’s another to coexist and thrive when customers are churning, teams can’t connect in person, and priorities are unclear. COVID-19 has laid these issues bare for even the most successful companies.