Newsletter | February 12, 2020

02.12.20 -- ISV Third-Party Integration Best Practices


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Software Insights
How The Right Healthcare Payment Methods Can Help You Sell Software To Providers
Article | EVO Payments

Integrating a feature-rich payments solution with the healthcare software application you develop can multiply the value you can provide to your clients and prospects.

Segmentation To Prioritize Customer Engagements
Article | By Cori Pearce, ChurnZero

The foundation for building out a comprehensive customer retention plan is to first start with breaking your customers down into segments. Once you have your customers segmented you can then use those groupings to drive your engagement strategies.

Yesware Gives Fundbox Back 1 Hour/Rep/Day
Case Study | Yesware

Fundbox is dedicated to helping small businesses grow by giving them access to credit that doesn’t require a personal credit score to get started. It uses cutting-edge technology, data science, and common sense to give small businesses access to previously unattainable financial options.

ISV Third-Party Integration Best Practices
  Article | First American Payment Systems

Integration with vendors and third-party applications is crucial to an ISV's success and scalability. Every sales and development team wants these integrations to be fast and efficient, and payment providers can help ensure that is the case.

Leadership Lessons
Channel Strategy: More Than Just Your Products
Guest Column | By Amedeo Tarzia, Corum Digital Corporation

The benefits of a channel relationship to a software vendor are many, but few stop to think about the other side of this relationship. The question you should be asking yourself is, “What’s in it for your channel partner?”

The 6 Elements Of Partner Lifetime Value And What They Mean For Your Business
Guest Column | By Theresa Caragol, AchieveUnite Inc.

As a technology vendor using the channel for productivity and market reach, have you ever asked, “How do I know if my channel partners are the right ones for my company, the absolute best partners?”

The Technology Buyer’s Journey: A Roadmap To Customer Success
Infographic | CompTIA

The technology buyer’s journey has long been fraught with chaos, confusion, and criticism — to both buyers and sellers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hey Marketing! Being Noticed Does Not Mean Being Heard!
Guest Column | By Jay Valentine,

Being noticed is not the hurdle. Billions of dollars in CRM, account-based marketing, and Marketo-SPAM gets you noticed. The challenge is being heard.

How to Create An Anticipatory Channel Organization
  Guest Column | By Rob Spee, Channel Journeys Consulting

In this age of exponential growth and innovation, there will always be the disruptor or the disrupted. The difference between the two is that those who anticipated the change will disrupt and those who watched it pass by will be disrupted.

SpecSheet: Flip-Top Cash Drawer
APG Cash Drawer, LLC