Article | April 23, 2019

5 Keys To An ISV's Growth With Retailers

Source: BlueStar, Inc.

By Samantha Kalany, BlueStar

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Here is the main question at stake: Are you doing enough?

Are your applications meeting the needs of your customers? Retailers need software solutions that meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving, ultra-competitive industry. These individuals are asking for resources to help win over customers and keep their overarching status. ISVs need a deep understanding of the industry. They also require the ability to develop applications that retailers can utilize to execute their business strategies. Make note of these four retail challenges to address when creating the necessary software for the job.


Retailers are always going to be training new employees and there tends to be a pretty high turnover rate in employment. During the holiday season, seasonal or temporary workers are hired to aid with the busiest time of the year. New employee training used almost everyday and managers seek training equipment and software that is easy and simple to operate. Reports have shown current software takes an excessive amount of time to load and is difficult to navigate, which is rough on new hires.