Newsletter | November 8, 2019

11.08.19 -- Lucid Software's Next Growth Opportunity

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Lucid Software’s Next Growth Opportunity

This SaaS company with more than 15 million users and $100+ million in venture funding is expanding its product set, introducing a new pricing model, and beefing up its integrations for future growth.

3 Big Lies In VC Financing
By Jay Valentine

Jay Valentine offers a brutally honest outlook at taking on outside investors.

The State Of Customer Success
Phil Nanus, VP, Customer Success Research, TSIA

Several years ago, there had been initial questions and debate about longevity of customer success initiatives and organizations, but the evidence of organizational representation and the cavernous gap of demand versus existing supply of resources in the market are stark evidence points that show customer success is thriving and here to stay.

What, Another CRM Software? Are You Out Of Your Mind?
By Kevin Brown

The CEO and cofounder of LeadSmart reflects on the founding story of the SaaS company that is trying to turn a red ocean into a blue sea.

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Will Your Business Disrupt — Or Be Disrupted?
Article | By Laurie McCabe, Sage Intacct, Inc.

In an era where technology is reshaping businesses and industries, companies that harness technology can reap big advantages over those that don’t.

Moving Applications To The Cloud And Adopting Cloud-Like Business Models
Article | Revulytics

There is an increased urgency for software vendors to leverage detailed usage analytics as they are shifting from a product focus to a feature focus with new pricing and delivery models accelerating user adoption. The ability to understand their true differentiation to acquire and retain customers is central to their success.