Article | October 4, 2018

Methods To Scale Your Onboarding Process

Source: UserIQ

By Rachel Orston, CEO at UserIQ

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It is widely accepted that successful customer onboarding is essential to user adoption, and user adoption is foundational to driving long-term revenue. In fact, David Skok cites “failure to properly onboard” as one of the two key reasons customers don’t successfully adopt and eventually churn.

In UserIQ’s 2018 SaaS User Onboarding & Adoption Benchmarking Report, we found that 70% of respondents say onboarding is a top priority for their organization. Companies told us their chief challenge when it comes to maximizing their onboarding and user adoption efforts is scalability, with 26% intending to develop a more self-service/high-tech onboarding model this year.

Not to mention, with almost three-fourths of onboarding teams made up of just 1-10 people, it’s clear teams are too small or overextended to sustain a high-touch model as their customer base grows. An effective solution to scaling onboarding to drive stronger user adoption is mandatory.

We propose two methods to start scaling your onboarding strategy: introducing a high-tech approach, and instituting dedicated implementation and training resources.