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Movable Ink Deploys 12-Touch Drip Campaign Powered By Touchpoints

Source: Yesware
Movable Ink


Movable Ink works with email marketers to increase their ROI by sending better email through dynamic and contextually relevant content.


Tired of juggling, Movable Ink looks for one-stop shop

As a provider of real-time responsive and relevant emails, Movable Ink wanted to deliver a similarly personalized experience to prospects. The sales team needed a nurturing sequence that was seamless to create in Gmail and tailored to each recipient.

“We started going after a select number of organizations that were either net new or older prospects that needed nurturing,” said Bryan Vaughan, BDR & SDR Manager at Movable Ink. “And we were trying to do it through a combination of different tools. It was just too much.”

Sales campaigns and follow-ups lived in a separate app from where reps were spending the majority of their day. Movable Ink was tired of piecing capabilities together and jumping from one tool to the other. They were ready for a platform that sewed it all together while adding more advanced features.