Featured Editorial
Avoiding The Software Innovation Trap
Guest Column | By Daniel Bichara, FastSensor

The same innovation driving Apple’s and Google’s profit is a mousetrap for the average SaaS business. A SaaS CEO shares why he thinks it's risky for software companies to innovate just for the sake of innovation.

Being Successful At Customer Success
A conversation with Allison Pickens, CCO, Gainsight

If you ask two different software leaders to define “customer success,” you’re likely to get two different responses. We sat down with Allison Pickens, chief customer officer at Gainsight, to clarify the conversation and pick her brain on all things CS — from pitfalls and best practices to structuring a CS team.

Software Insights
The Software Vendor's Guide To Faster EMV
Article | Clearent

It’s undeniable that the original EMV technology falls short in terms of providing an ideal checkout experience for the consumer. As a software provider, you can turn this experience around for your customers and their consumers.

New Opportunities For ISVs With Expanded Innovations In POS Technology
Case Study | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

As a new, lighter POS approach emerges, solutions no longer depend on PCs to operate. This opens significant opportunities for ISVs to help clients weigh options and make decisions. And in helping their customers, ISVs will help themselves.

The Key To An Effective Churn Reduction Strategy
Article | By Brian DeLaney, Service Source

The churn issue is a solvable one if software companies start leveraging the information they are already collecting, and analyze and act on it effectively.

Four Ways To Streamline Your Software Company's Content Creation Process
Article | By Rebecca Bakken, MarketMuse

There are tons of SEO tools and techniques out there, not all of which are going to be useful to your situation. If you're an enterprise software content marketer, there are specific examples that can help streamline your content creation process, no matter the size of your team.

Customer Experience & Customer Success: Are They The Same?
Article | By Cori Pearce, ChurnZero

At the end of the day, customer experience is focused on creating a positive experience while customer success is focused on achieving continued success. A seasoned VP of product and customer success helps explain the difference.

Why Salespeople Shouldn’t Prospect
Article | By Aaron Ross, Predictable Revenue

Many companies expect their sales people to do their own prospecting, which can be thought of as doing their own lead generation. Aaron Ross, whose company has added over $100m in incremental recurring revenues, is very clear that this is the wrong approach. Here's why.

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