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Realizing New Opportunities For ISVs As Innovations In POS Technology Expands

Source: APG Cash Drawer, LLC
ISV Cash Drawer Connectivity

Cash Drawer with Built-in Functionality Generates New Revenue for ISVs

As a new, lighter POS approach emerges, Point of Sale (POS) solutions no longer must depend on PCs to operate. Depending on a system’s configuration, the new POS model can leverage thin clients such as tablets and handhelds, giving the cashier the freedom to transact business at the point of decision with fluidity.

As POS choices increase, thanks to the Thin-bility model, business owners need information about those choices and how they best suit their needs. This opens significant opportunities for ISVs to help clients weigh options and make decisions. And in helping their customers, ISVs will help themselves.

For one thing, ISVs stand to widen their market reach and increase profits with customer POS systems with IP-enabled cash drawers. The  drawers  have  built in functionality that ISVs can leverage as revenue generating services. Functions include monitoring and remote control capabilities that enable exception management by alerting managers to unusual events. For instance, if a clerk opens a drawer manually, when it is supposed to be opened remotely from a workstation, the system captures the unusual activity and notifies a manager, who can then determine if the exception was legitimate or ill-intended.