Article | April 23, 2019

5 Retail Trends To Watch In 2019

Source: BlueStar, Inc.

By Samantha Kalany, BlueStar

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With the economy prospering and consumers flowing confidently into the new year, retail trends are scoring high in the opening days of 2019. Though giant retailers, such as Sears, have succumbed to the struggle. Others have still found a way to not bite the dust and flourish, while still finding their niche market. Yes, it’s no question that online sales have impacted physical store retail space. Many brick + mortar stores are thriving into the future. Many retailers have chosen to view the store as a local warehouse in operational standards to gain revenue and market share. Here’s to looking forward to new trends in the retail industry and how ISVs can get involved in the following 5 trends:


Mobile POS connected to tablets has peaked last year. You’ll probably even notice that many small and new restaurants and retail spaces use tablet for their point of sale systems. Why would this be? For starters, they’re lightweight. They’re fast. They’re affordable for business owners who are just starting out in the industry. Tablet and Mobile POS users are able to cut down on line queues, multi-task through checking inventory and even increasing shopper loyalty.