Article | September 7, 2018

Ride The Sales Wave... With Onboarding

Source: ChannelAssist

By ChannelAssist

Managed Services Sales Process

Optimizing Channel Partner Sales Begins with Onboarding

The definitive outcome in a successful channel partnership is to engage and motivate their reps to push your product above the rest on a continuous basis.

At first, they might be enthusiastic about the prospect of selling your products and will see large commissions in their eyes.  But, as the relationship evolves, if there is a lack of communication, training and motivation; they will quickly devalue your brand or worse, become uninterested in reaching their customers with your products.

Your Partners represent other brands which means their sales teams possess options when it comes down to a sale. The question is, whose solution is it going to be and where are they going to focus their limited attention on?

To ensure a high level of engagement with your Partner’s sales force, you need to provide effective onboarding just like your in-house sales team receives. This means providing partner reps with a comprehensive experience that provides the resources, support and essential tools they need to sell your offering instead of your competitors.