Case Study

Robin Supports 200% Sales Team Growth With Yesware's Salesforce Sync

Source: Yesware
Robin Supports 200% Sales Team Growth With Yesware’s Salesforce Sync


Robin Powered is a meeting booking system used by companies like Netflix, Kayak, and Sonos to manage reservations of office conference & call rooms.

Downloaded on iPads that are mounted outside meeting rooms, Robin helps employees to wrangle last minute rooms, check into pre-scheduled meetings, and avoid double-booking across the team.


Robin’s first sales enablement tool was “not that robust”

Back in 2014, the Robin sales team was using a different Gmail plugin to sync its CRM to email, and they weren’t getting what they needed.

The tool was going through an acquisition by a CRM company, and its integration with Robin’s CRM just wasn’t fully baked.

The end result was that the sales enablement tool wasn’t fully compatible with Robin’s CRM, and the sales team could create leads from an inbox sidebar but not manipulate their status like they needed to.