Article | March 3, 2017

RSPA President's Note - February 2017

Source: RSPA
Ms. Kelly Funk RSPA President & CEO

Over the past few years, RSPA has focused the first issue of connect magazine in the new calendar year to look forward in a variety of ways:

  • In 2014, we talked about business strategy,
  • In 2015, we outlined the RSPA’s vision and goals for the years ahead, and
  • Last year, we focused our content on the topic of planning, helping our members prepare for success by sharing tips on business planning—ranging from sales to succession planning.

As our Executive Editor Amber was contemplating our 2017 content agenda, she kept coming back to the topics we most frequently hear our reseller members discuss, lament, ponder — how can they compete/differentiate themselves/have their message heard? It was then that we knew the topic we wanted to kick off the year with — marketing!

Marketing is a big term, and can mean many different things, so we wanted to be sure to include something for everyone. We worked with the RSPA Marketing Committee to create a library of marketing know-how. Successful marketing starts with building your marketing plan, identifying specific areas of focus — social media, web marketing and events, avoiding common pitfalls and outlining how to track success.

A huge thank you goes to the Marketing Committee for sharing their time and knowledge so generously. Knowledge and connections are the bedrock of RSPA and this issue is a testament to that AND wonderful people who help provide both within our community.

To a successful 2017!

Kelly T. Funk