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12 Sales Enablement KPIs For Enterprise Sales Leaders

Source: Seismic

Sales leaders are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve processes, motivate their teams, unlock efficiencies, and ultimately close more deals.

Remaining vigilant in the quest to provide sellers with everything they need to success is one of the key qualifications for a sales leader. These days, that quest is a lot harder with new technologies and strategies emerging nearly daily.

Making that quest more difficult? There are a million ways to measure an organization’s overall achievement of those goals. How can a sales leader be sure their efforts are producing the intended results? They must track a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that reveal the health of their decisions at a macro level. But how do you know which KPIs are actually important? How do you separate the signal from the noise?

Sales enablement’s emergence as a top-flight strategy for improving alignment between Sales & Marketing is great news for anyone looking to accurately measure their performance (AKA everyone). Sales enablement provides an opportunity to holistically measure the health of a sales organization.

To help enterprise sales leaders enable their teams to generate more revenue, Seismic has narrowed down the top 12 KPIs that they should use to assess effectiveness and efficiency going forward. Each KPI is listed under the strategic imperative that has the greatest impact on and is further classified as an indicator of the sales team’s efficiency or effectiveness. Some KPIs are comparatively straightforward ratios and measurements, while others are more intensive and require a combination of metrics to help ascertain the final value. But they all roll up to one goal: generating more revenue to drive sales success.

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