Article | February 13, 2019

24 Sales Prospecting Techniques For 2019

Source: UpLead LLC.
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By Will Cannon, UpLead

Red Flags When Hiring Sales People

In this mega-guide, you’re going to learn 24 of the best sales prospecting techniques that will supercharge your pipeline in 2019 and beyond.

You won’t find any old-school tactics here. Just a best-of-breed list of the most effective sales prospecting strategies and tactics you can test today.

What is Sales Prospecting?

Sales prospecting is a sales activity where reps use outbound, inbound and relationship building strategies and tactics to generate new prospects. These range from cold calling, email outreach and social selling approaches that identify and engage with the ideal customer.

Research is often the first step to a solid prospecting strategy. By understanding your best customer’s pains, and where they hang out online, you can build a profile (also known as buyer personas) to attract more of them.