Article | February 13, 2019

Sales Strategy: What Is It And How To Build An Effective One (Plus 13 Actionable Examples)

Source: UpLead LLC.

By Will Cannon


So, what is a sales strategy really?

Well, in the bigger sense, it’s a company’s unique strategy for selling its products or services to its target market.

But at the practical, granular level, a sales strategy is anything that can get a company more sales. And the reason companies use multiple sales strategies that work at the different stages of their customers’ buying journeys.

For example, once a lead is in contact with a salesperson, a few select sales strategies can be very effective. Whereas, once a lead has already converted, they will need different sales strategies to encourage the customer into repeat business.

Companies often take the most common sales strategies and adapt them to suit their product or industry.

In this post, we’ll see 13 such winning sales strategies. But before we see the different sales strategies you can use to boost your sales, let’s first understand the different types of sales strategies that B2B or general companies use.

It doesn’t matter whether you work in a big organization where you have the support of a lead generation team to fill your sales pipeline, or if you work in a three-person startup where you’re responsible for the entire sales process (right from lead generation to nurturing) — these sales strategies will work just as well for you.

Here goes …