Newsletter | March 1, 2019

03.01.19 -- Sales Tax For SaaS: A 2019 Update

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Sales Tax For SaaS: A 2019 Update
By Steve Sehy and Chris Livingston

View a state-by-state breakdown of the ever-changing SaaS sales tax status, including a handy chart software finance teams should reference this tax season.

Programming Good Leadership
By Derek Peterson

Over the course of my 30+ year career, I have led organizations from 1 to 300+, and the major takeaway I have learned is summed up in one word: humility. No engineer likes a “know it all” boss.

Inside The Acquisition Of A 10-Year-Old Startup
By Abby Sorensen, chief editor

The aftermath of the CaterTrax acquisition proves software companies can find long-term solutions without needing headline-grabbing VC-backed exits.

Ask The Board: A Conversation With The Founder & President Of MicroBiz

Software Executive editorial advisory board member Kevin Kogler, CEO and founder of MicroBiz, discusses hiring the right developers, stretching resources, and accelerating new feature development.

Web-Exclusive Content
Do Versions Matter?
By William Peterson, MapR

Naming is hard. Once you’ve chosen a name and your product or solution is out the door, it’s still not over. What do you call the next version? You only need to look at Apple’s latest iPhone release to realize how difficult version naming can be.

7 Ways Software Usage Analytics Can Supercharge Your Marketing Stack
By Revulytics

Software marketers use a dizzying array of powerful tools to reach, educate, and convert prospects, but they need to be more precise with their targeting and messaging. Adding software usage analytics to your marketing stack will supercharge your campaigns and deliver results that impact the bottom line.

6 Top Challenges SaaS Salespeople Face Today
By Seismic

Today’s selling space moves at the speed of light, and only the survival-of-the-fittest salespeople will thrive. It’s crucial that sellers learn how to adapt to new buyer behaviors so that they can navigate through the sales process and close more deals.

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