Article | November 14, 2019

Serious About Customer Success? Your CRM Is Not Enough!

Source: ChurnZero

By Alexander Weihmann, ChurnZero

Voice Activated CRM

The SaaS model has rapidly changed the software marketplace by lowering the barriers of entry and exit for buyers. These changes have made it essential that B2B software companies adapt and deliver ongoing user value. Now more than ever Customer Success is essential to the long-term success of your entire organization. A relationship-focused approach to client management is a must. 

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) have changed the game when it comes to how companies know and track their customers. By making client data more accessible than ever, CRMs have transformed what companies can do with their relationships, data, and the execution of their objectives. That said, avoid falling into the trap of using your CRM as a Swiss Army Knife; you’re only as good as the tools you use. If you’re serious about Customer Success, your CRM is not enough.  

CRMs and Customer Success Platforms – What’s the Difference? 

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) primarily function as a relationship information database. They focus on opportunity management – like the manual activities that typically exist within accounts. Its workstreams rely upon inputs like data entered by sales or even ‘gut instincts.’ Since buyers typically follow a uniform purchasing journey, CRMs are ideal for managing a sales pipeline.