Article | May 30, 2018

Six Tips For Scaling Your Sales And Service Team

Source: NewVoiceMedia

By Tim Pickard, NewVoiceMedia

Field Service Recruitment And Retention

What works for six people can become a mess when applied to 60, 600 or 6,000. From the technology you use, the people you employ and the business processes you set in motion, everything has to be scalable.

This is particularly true in customer service; a rapidly growing business with a stagnant customer service team can become a nightmare scenario. To offer a truly personalised experience, businesses need to think beyond the physical size of their business and instead look to the anatomical structure, culture and ethos inside their organisation. Ask yourself this; is your business ready to provide a scalable service? Are employees on-board and fully educated about the benefits of a scalable workplace?

If you’re unsure on either of the above take a look at our top tips below for advice and best practice when scaling your business.

Create the right ethos through comprehensive training

Training is one of the main differentiating factors between service businesses that are scalable and those that are not. To grow and adapt, everyone needs to understand the business inside-out, and the only way to do this is through consistent, measurable training methods and strong ongoing leadership.

You need to design a comprehensive training programme, so that everyone starts with the same goals and methods in mind – and this must include how best to record information in your CRM system.