Case Study

SkyWire Makes The Switch From Popular Subscription Management Platform To SaaSOptics

Source: SaaSOptics

“We bought into a popular subscription management platform that didn’t live up to the hype and when our financial metrics were off, we knew it was time to make a change. I wish we had found SaaSOptics from the beginning, although it was definitely worth the wait.”

-Mindy Molisee
Vice President of Finance, SkyWire


Skywire needed a system for financial operations that provided accurate revenue calculations for complex monthly billing scenarios. Skywire bought into a popular subscription management platform that left them hanging after the sales process and proved to be better suited for B2C businesses than the complexities of B2B SaaS contracts. In addition, Skywire was not able to integrate with the CRM and general ledger.


SaaSOptics partnered with Skywire through every step of implementation. Created for B2B SaaS, SaaSOptics gives SkyWire the flexibility to manage subscriptions across multiple product lines and categories with varying contract terms. Skywire supercharged their financial operations with accuracy across the board, automated subscription management and created a seamless integration to their CRM and general ledger, keeping their sales and nance teams in sync.