Newsletter | October 13, 2017

10.13.17 -- Software Support Financial Fundamentals

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Software Support Financial Fundamentals
By Thomas Sweeny, Service XRG

Support has evolved from a tactical necessity to a strategic imperative for software companies. Support accounts for more than half of revenue for many companies with average margin performance of 67.8 percent and far higher for companies that have well-developed support programs and policies. To achieve these returns, companies spend between 2.5 and 15 percent of total revenue to fund support operations. This by itself is a reasonable return on the investment in support; yet, it represents only a fraction of the full potential impact of a well-defined support strategy.

Persistence Personified
By Matt Pillar, Software Executive

Onosys' Rob Taylor keeps beating the odds, coming back, and knocking down giants with his online ordering software. This exclusive Software Executive feature story details how Taylor launched a company, raised millions, replaced a CEO, and completed a successful acquisition.

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Startup Advice: Beta Customers, Hiring, & Go-To-Market Strategy
A Q&A with Manish Gupta, founder and CEO of Shift Left

Serial entrepreneur and startup founder Manish Gupta has worked at tech companies that have grown 10x during his tenure. He shares his philosophy on beta customers, hiring, go-to-market strategies, and the future of cloud security challenges.

Software Pricing Strategies: Evaluating, Discounting, & Adjusting
A Q&A with Chris Mele, Software Pricing Partners

Software Executive magazine and asked Software Pricing Partner's co-founder and managing partner Chris Mele to share his insights on several pricing-related topics. He was also the CEO and co-founded of a SaaS company catering to construction companies, and he has spent more than 25 years in the software industry. Mele included links to the Software Pricing Partners blog in his responses for a deeper dive into the topics.

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