Article | May 17, 2019

Succeeding In Customer Success: Relationships Built To Last

Source: Yesware

By Sophia Seltenreich, Yesware

IT Professsionals Need To Build Better Relationships With Other Departments, Report Says

Customer Success. If you’re in B2B/SaaS, you’ve surely heard the term and how it differs from Customer Support as a business function. For the uninitiated – Customer Success is the long-term (vs. short-term/transactional) effort of managing customer relationships while continuing to provide value. By making your customers as successful as possible, your customers’ lifetime value (CLTV) to the company increases, resulting in stable growth.

Unfortunately, shifting from Customer Support to Customer Success isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. People are fickle, interests compete, and customers can test our empathy and patience — *cue* “I need to speak to your manager.” In addition, customer accounts may change hands several times, bouncing from AEs to AMs to CSMs.

So where exactly does customer success start?

To find out, we asked industry expert Steve Sollner, VP of Customer Success at Yesware.

His gut response – it starts with trust. “Earn, build, and maintain trust. As with any relationship, trust is #1,” says Sollner.

But that’s only the beginning. Read on to see what this industry expert had to say about the secrets to success for you, your company, and your customers.What makes a Customer Success Manager (CSM) successful?