E-Book | December 19, 2018

Take The Guesswork Out Of Product Management - Series Part 1 of 3

Source: Revulytics
Someone, Everyone, Or No One: Who Owns Quality? (And Who Should)

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Building Better Applications with Software Analytics

As a product management professional, you have ambitious plans for making your software application successful for your customers and for your business. But turning those plans into reality is easier said than done, especially when you lack critical insight into product runtime and customer usage patterns.

Your strategic product decisions have far-reaching effects that ripple throughout the customer journey. These decisions should be based on fact — not just anecdotal evidence or gut feelings. However, if you’re like most product managers, you might not have the tools required to make informed decisions based on how customers are actually using your product. Given that 45% of product managers spend the majority of their day deciding what should go into products, this lack of insight could be standing in the way of successfully meeting customer needs.