Newsletter | September 9, 2020

09.09.20 -- The 5 Questions SaaS CFOs Should Ask Their Controller

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Email Marketing Benefits For Software Companies

There are a number of marketing channels available to software companies today, from social media to email marketing to websites. Each has its benefits, but 80 percent of marketing professionals agree that email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. Read on to learn about the benefits and uses of email marketing for your company.

LinkedIn And Social Media Selling — Selling Hope To The Desperate

When over 80 percent of B2B sales reps are not making quota, a sales VP has a job-life expectancy of 18 to 23 months, and the VC board is crawling up the CEO’s back for explosive revenue for an exit, what is one to do?

How The Right Healthcare Payment Methods Can Help You Sell Software To Providers

Integrating a feature-rich payments solution with the healthcare software application you develop can multiply the value you can provide to your clients and prospects.

The 5 Questions SaaS CFOs Should Ask Their Controller

As the office of the SaaS company controller becomes ever more strategic — creating higher levels of financial visibility to help drive growth and profitability — the financial organization’s relationship to the controller role must evolve as well.