Article | April 3, 2019

The Cost Of Doing Nothing And The Impact On Your Financial Operations

Source: SaaSOptics
Proposed vs. Actual Cleanroom Construction Costs And Delivery Timeline Accuracy

The finance team of a growing company can only handle so much volume before operations break or slow to a crawl. In fact, not investing or delaying an investment in a financial operations platform for your finance team may bottleneck your business with the constant flow of new sales orders, invoices, revenues, contract changes and renewals.

That’s why more than 500 companies rely on SaaSOptics for subscription management, including billing, revenue recognition, metrics and analytics, to automate and modernize their financial operations.

4 Pitfalls You Can Avoid

1. Generating Reports You Can’t Trust

Manually recording new contracts and revenue, generating invoices and consolidating everything to generate accurate financial reports and metrics is a complicated process with the potential for error at many points. The risk of using poor or inaccurate data to make decisions – or not having the confidence or the data points you need to make any decisions quickly – can have long-reaching impacts on your business.