Guest Column | March 31, 2016

The Importance Of Social Media And Digital Marketing For VARs And ISVs

By Bill Lodes

Bill Lodes, TSYS Director of Developer Partnerships

Success for a VAR and ISV depends primarily on the amount of customers they gain and keep. Like many other industries, one of the biggest challenges VARs and ISVs face is finding the most effective way to market their business to drive customer acquisition. Past marketing tactics included advertisements within industry related magazines, websites, events, and direct mail campaigns.

However, today’s methods of marketing have shifted towards a more digitally influenced world, where social media and digital marketing have provided VARs and ISVs with new marketing and customer acquisition opportunities. Let’s talk in more detail about social media and digital marketing strategies.

Social Media

Social media has exploded over the past five years, expanding the way we do business with one another. Whether through LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, many organizations are utilizing social media for marketing and promotional efforts to boost their revenue.

With the help of social media, VARs and ISVs are able to successfully promote their hardware/software solutions and reach potential new customers beyond their websites. This transition from traditional marketing to social media allows for an improved and heightened experience compared with older methods. It is also cheap, quick, and effective.