Case Study

The Journey To Scalable SaaS Finance Operations

Source: SaaSOptics

In 2015, a SaaS business with a fresh approach to education captured the attention of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, ultimately scoring the company $5M in funding from the couple. In the years since, MasteryConnect has continued to expand its reach. Today over 2.5 million educators in 170 countries rely on MasteryConnect to assess student mastery of learning standards and provide the real-time insight they need to identify learning gaps, target students for intervention and personalize learning.

In 2013, Mark Pocock joined MasteryConnect as CFO. The company was still small but on the verge of a high growth phase. Pocock was only the 13th employee and excited about the opportunity to take part in something big. “I have a soft spot for the exciting, challenging nature of start-ups,” said Pocock. “I knew from experience that being the only person in finance would mean doing everything from managing the books to assessing financial risks and opportunities. I was ready to roll up my sleeves.”

Scalable Finance Operations: A Must Have

MasteryConnect was working with an outside CPA firm that used QuickBooks to manage the company’s finance operations but shortly after joining the company, it was clear to Pocock that this setup wouldn’t work for long.