Article | March 7, 2017

The Reseller's Approach To Writing A Marketing Plan

Source: RSPA
Field Service Management Market Shift

By Greg Aiken, Partner Marketing Manager

Making the decision to invest in marketing is a no-brainer for some, but for many small businesses, the choice between investing in business infrastructure or bonuses and running a marketing campaign can be difficult.

So let’s start there. Make a list of what you are planning to accomplish during the next 6 months to a year. What are your business and sales objectives? Are there any specific programs or technologies you’ll want to focus on? Any specific geographies? Industry verticals?

Identify your audience
Who are you talking to? What are the challenges and interests of this group of people? The more you can segment your audience, the more effective your campaign will be. A good marketing campaign meets their audience where they are: It’s a guy walking around selling umbrellas to people while it’s raining.

Specific to many resellers, there are some basic audience segments you might want to speak to this year: top prospective customers, existing customers and all other prospects.