Article | May 16, 2018

The Secret To Customer Satisfaction

Source: Clearent

By Dan Geraty, Founder and CEO of Clearent

Field Service Customer Loyalty

It’s simply understood: When your partner is happy, chances are you feel good, too. The same holds true in the relationship between your employees and customers. Workers provide the best service when they’re satisfied and supported by their employers.

This dynamic is human nature. People like to help other people when they are happy and have their needs met. In a business setting, meeting employees’ needs often comes down to providing a healthy company culture. While every organization is different, great cultures share some universal traits — recognition and support for workers chief among them.

Customer Happiness Depends on Employee Satisfaction

We’ve all been on the receiving end of poor customer service, and a single interaction with a disgruntled worker leaves a seriously bad impression about the brand. That makes it even more important to ensure employees are genuinely happy in their work environment.

Plenty of companies pay homage to the idea that happy employees make for happy customers, at least in theory. But how many integrate this philosophy into their corporate cultures? Employee happiness needs to be more than a platitude hung on a wall if it’s to have any real impact on your business.