Article | February 12, 2020

Three Keys To A Winning Digital Platform Strategy

Source: AppDirect

By Dan Saks, AppDirect

Exit Strategy: An Essential Part Of Your IT Business Plan

Digital technology has become so ingrained in almost everything we do that it's hard to imagine life without it. In fact, consulting firm Accenture argues that we are already in a "post-digital era" where "digital-born companies and those completing their [digital] transformations have showered consumers with digital products and services."

Platforms have been the driving force behind this digital deluge. They can help speed time to market, drive innovation and improve the customer experience. "With every company finally converging on the same digital footing there are more digital ecosystems and more potential partners to help companies create holistic experiences," Accenture writes.

But as the consulting firm points out, there's a problem: "These capabilities and advantages are now available to every organization. Digital itself is no longer differentiating."

It's an issue we've seen firsthand at AppDirect. As a platform technology provider, we strongly believe that feature-rich platform solutions are important. However, we also know that success depends on more than just technology. We've helped companies in a range of industries launch digital platforms, and in every case, there was a special X factor—from vertical expertise to an omnichannel strategy and more—that helped make them a success.

So, what exactly does differentiate platforms in today's digital economy? In our experience, a smart, forward-looking approach to platform-based commerce is essential to capturing a competitive advantage. With that in mind, here are three keys to a winning platform strategy.

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