Article | February 13, 2019

40+ Unbelievable Artificial Intelligence Statistics (On How B2B Sales Will Change In 2019)

Source: UpLead LLC.

By Will Cannon, UpLead

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help F&B Supply Chain Management

Artificial Intelligence has created quite the buzz in the last few years – and for all the right reasons. You may have only recently started to realize it, but AI has been an integral part of business practices for the past six years and its impact is spreading.

Machine learning is rapidly shaping the marketing & sales industry, adding an entirely seamless aspect to all marketing and sales strategies. It has now reached a level where AI is penetrating the B2B business, changing the way we find products, for example. It is transforming the way we buy and sell, too, through advanced personalization techniques.

There have been a plethora of wild speculations about the future of sales. We wonder how much disruption the use of artificial intelligence is going to cause. Will it impact jobs, eliminate mundane tasks, and make gathering data easier? What else?

One thing is evident: artificial intelligence is bound to revolutionize the way businesses grow. Soon, AI will become an integral part of every sales strategy and every company. It’s only a matter of how fast businesses adapt.

Before learning how AI is revolutionizing the sales industry, it’s important to cover the pros and cons of implementing AI in the sales process.

We will then assess 44 valuable statistics about the direct effect of AI on sales.