Article | June 26, 2019

Understanding The Role Of SaaS At Modern Businesses

Source: Sage Intacct, Inc.

By WIPFLI via Sage Intacct

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The speed of business continues to increase, companies face new threats from competitors and those businesses who fall behind feel the pain. Add to this higher-than-ever customer expectations, compliance concerns nationally and globally, and ongoing threats from cybercriminals, and you may feel like it’s harder to operate than ever.

At Wipfli, we’ve been in the accounting business for nearly a century and have watched the landscape change. As a provider not only of advisory services but also of technology consulting, we’ve been a major player in the push toward the cloud. Today we’ll explore how cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools deliver the innovation, freedom, and flexibility you need to compete in the modern business world.

Cloud and SaaS ERP: More Freedom, More Flexibility, More Innovation

There are many reasons businesses choose to leverage the cloud to deliver their ERP. From increased security to easier integrations, we’ve been there to help businesses like yours discover the true benefits of true cloud, including the following: