Newsletter | December 4, 2019

12.04.19 -- Understanding The Role Of SaaS At Modern Businesses

Software Insights
How To Balance AI, Innovation, And Ethics
Article | North American Bancard

AI is being positioned to deliver on the notion of a more efficient and sustainable society, but this also begs the question of how ethics will come into play with AI.

6 Things CSMs Need To Do Today To Blow Q4 Out Of The Water
Article | ChurnZero

If you work in a B2B SaaS company, you know that across the board Q4 is always the biggest sales quarter of the year. Q4 is where the magic happens; prospects are geared up and ready to buy, to capitalize on extra end-of-year budget and set themselves and their teams up to have the right tools moving into the new year.

Protect Yourself: 8 Security Best Practices For Retailers
White Paper | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Hackers know a successful attack on a retailer can give them access to the data of thousands or even millions of payment cardholders. Cybercriminals can sell that data for a tidy profit to other criminals on the dark web who use it for fraud, identity theft, and phishing attacks.

10 Ways To Tell You’re Ready To Hire Salespeople
Article | By Matthew Bellows, Yesware

Sales is all about repeatable, scalable communications. But if you focus on sales too early, early customers can drag your product from serving a market into serving their niche.

6 Ways To Make Healthcare Payments More Convenient For Patient Payers
Article | EVO Payments

If you develop software applications for the healthcare vertical, you need to be mindful of a new challenge that your clients are facing. Instead of receiving payment primarily from insurers, healthcare providers are receiving a growing percentage of payments directly from patients.

The State Of Account-Based Marketing
Article | By Matt Ellis, Seismic

If it feels like we’ve been talking about account-based marketing (ABM) forever at this point, well, it’s because WE HAVE. You have vague memories of your fourth grade teacher going over the concept in class. You and your fellow classmates had confused looks on your faces as you turned to each other and whispered, “If demand generation tactics have been successful for so long, then why do we need ABM? Oh, by the way, want to trade lunches?”

SaaS: Built To Last Or Built To Lose? The Growing Opportunity For On-Premise Vendors
Article | Revulytics

What is the true demand for enterprise SaaS applications? And if demand isn’t what it seems, what’s the true profitability of SaaS vendors?

Understanding The Role Of SaaS At Modern Businesses
  Article | By WIPFLI via Sage Intacct

The speed of business continues to increase, companies face new threats from competitors and those businesses who fall behind feel the pain. Add to this higher-than-ever customer expectations, compliance concerns nationally and globally, and ongoing threats from cybercriminals, and you may feel like it’s harder to operate than ever.

Leadership Lessons
The Critical Elements Of A Good Partnership
Guest Column | By Denny Riley, OpsRamp

Both the ISVs and the partner community need each other. As each gets larger, the more important it becomes to leverage the unique skills others possess along the value chain.

Controlling Feature Creep
Guest Column | By Nicole Hitner, Exago

Understanding how and when your product team is most prone to feature creep is the first step toward mitigating it. Zero in on those problem scenarios and apply the rules of thumb below as you create processes to protect your product.

How To Build And Sustain Trust With Customers
  Guest Column | By Andrew Z. Brown, Bridgemaker Referral Programs

If you really want to grow your business, existing and prospective customers must trust you, trust your product and/or trust your company.