Article | April 9, 2018

7 Ways Software Usage Analytics Can Supercharge Your Marketing Stack

Source: Revulytics
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By Revulytics

Wearables And Analytics

Software marketers use a dizzying array of powerful tools to reach, educate, and convert prospects, but they need to be more precise with their targeting and messaging to exceed their goals. Adding software usage analytics to your marketing stack will supercharge your campaigns and deliver results that impact the bottom line.

Web Analytics

Everyone is using Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics Cloud or other web analytics today to measure the number of visitors, pages visited, time spent on the site, and more. They’re great at providing valuable insight into website visitor behavior and intention through much of the customer journey, but what happens after their software is downloaded? The lights go out and they don’t know how – or if – the software is being used or even if it’s been installed. This information is critical to driving conversions and retaining customers: you can’t guide their journey if you don’t know what they are doing with your software.