Article | September 10, 2019

5 Ways To Deliver And Accelerate Engineering Velocity

Source: Linear B

By Dan Lines, Linear B

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Tips and tricks to increase your velocity!

VPs of Engineering often ask me how to increase their velocity. When I was a VP of Engineering, this was my eternal quest; to deliver more value at a high rate of speed. Our executive team was always looking for more, and my team was working all out, while I simultaneously was trying to scale the team effectively. 

The core of the issue is really around how to predictably deliver more customer value into production. Here are five places to start.

1. Reduce Issues Found in Production

This is the first thing that should be examined. It is the classic iteration destroyer, the sprint disrupter, and the velocity killer. Issues found in prod cause iteration churn, context switching, demand time across your ecosystem (ex: support, success, sales, product), while decreasing team motivation. Not to mention the customer impact.

The good news is that if you are having unexpected issues found in prod, then you also have a great opportunity to increase your value delivery.