Article | August 6, 2019

6 Ways To Make Healthcare Payments More Convenient For Patient Payers

Source: EVO Payments
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If you develop software applications for the healthcare vertical, you need to be mindful of a new challenge that your clients are facing. Instead of receiving payment primarily from insurers, healthcare providers are receiving a growing percentage of payments directly from patients.

There are several drivers behind this healthcare payment trend. Employers, trying to keep healthcare costs low, are opting for high deductible plans and health savings accounts (HSAs) or flexible spending accounts (FSAs), which means patients are responsible for payments until they meet their deductibles. Additionally, patients who purchase their own coverage may choose plans with higher copays to reduce their monthly cost.

It’s now necessary for healthcare organizations to not only view people as patients but also consumers and create positive payment experiences that contribute to a good impression of the care they receive. Here are six ways healthcare providers are adapting their payments and collections processes to accommodate the “patient payer,” which you need to keep in mind when designing software for this vertical.