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08.04.17 -- Welcome To The Software Executive Newsletter


At ISV Insights events, sessions address the key decisions most relevant to managing your software business. The program is thoughtfully curated to expose challenges and address opportunities to help you run a more profitable software company. Interactive panel discussions and peer-to-peer networking are hallmarks of this event. Upcoming event: October 12, 2017 at Philadelphia City Avenue.

Featured Magazine Content
Welcome To Software Executive Magazine
By Abby Sorensen, Software Executive magazine

Starting with this August/September 2017 issue, you now have our undivided attention in the pages of Software Executive magazine. No end-user speak, no vendor sales pitches — just editorial that we promise will deliver deep, actionable, exclusive, peer-driven content that you won't find anywhere else.

Ask The Board: What One Metric Keeps You Up At Night?

See what the founder and president of MicroBiz, CEO of ServicePower, and SVP at Corum Group have to say.

8 Tips For An Optimal M&A Deal Structure
By Jeff Riley, Corum Group

If three buyers offered $50 million for your company — one in unregistered stock, another via earnout, another in cash — which would you take?

Web-Exclusive Content
Software Executive Announces Inaugural Editorial Advisory Board

To ensure we are providing readers with the content they will find actionable and valuable, we rely on the feedback of executives at software companies and industry thought leaders to guide our editorial direction. With that in mind, Software Executive is proud to announce the launch of our inaugural editorial advisory board.

Accountability Starts And Ends With The Leadership
By Kristen McAlister, co-owner and president/COO, Cerius Executives

In growing technology companies, adding team members seems as routine as brushing your teeth in the morning. Logic says, the more work you have, the more people you hire, and all of the work gets done.

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