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11.21.17 -- What's Driving SaaS Emergence In The Channel?


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What's Driving SaaS Emergence In The Channel?
By Carolyn April, CompTIA

CompTIA's recent research study, "Software as a Service: Opportunities & Challenges" collected data from 400 U.S.-based IT channel firms. The survey helped identify who these SaaS partners are, what drew them to this niche, what drivers led SaaS vendors to build an indirect channel, and what compensation models and partner program elements SaaS vendors have in place.

Software Support Financial Fundamentals
By Thomas J. Sweeny, ServiceXRG

Support has evolved from a tactical necessity to a strategic imperative for software companies. Support accounts for more than half of revenue for many companies with average margin performance of 67.8 percent and far higher for companies that have well-developed support programs and policies. To achieve these returns, companies spend between 2.5 and 15 percent of total revenue to fund support operations. This represents only a fraction of the full potential impact of a well-defined support strategy.

5 Software Laws For Smooth Product Development
By Larry Putnam Jr. and Don Beckett, Quantitative Software Management

Making the wrong moves during the development process can cost time and money – and result in bug-ridden, defect-plagued applications. Executives are often removed from the daily ins and outs of software development and execution by necessity. They envision a company's whole trajectory, including long-term projects and goals that will lead to profitability. Even so, executives should consider these five laws to ensure they are firmly in the loop with software development projects.

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Four C's For Building Your Channel Partner Network
By Wayne Monk, senior vice president, alliances and channels, ASG

For most enterprise tech companies, channel partners are critical to their go-to-market strategy. Choosing the right partners is an important part of building a business' channel strategy because an effective channel requires a significant investment in their time and resources. Many companies make the mistake of building a large, but ineffective channel network. Instead they should consider building the strongest network by evaluating potential partners up front using the "Four Cs" criteria.

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