Newsletter | November 15, 2019

11.15.19 -- What Are Developers Doing With Their Time?

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Reaching $100 Million In Revenue In Less Than 5 Years

A Q&A with Vlocity founder and CEO David Schmaier, whose industry-specific cloud and mobile software company is the fastest growing company ever built on the Salesforce app exchange platform.

What Are Developers Doing With Their Time?
By Abby Sorensen, chief editor

Consider this: Do you really want your developers spending 8 hours a day, five days a week, 52 weeks a year doing nothing but writing lines and lines and lines of code?

How To Make Quality A Priority In An Agile World
By Rob Mason

Delivering products, updates, and functionality to customers quickly only matters if your software lives up to expectations.

4 Critical Areas Where Your Channel Program Can Break Down
By Paul DeMore

If you’re struggling with effectiveness in your channel, the root of the problem can often be pointed to customer segmentation, customer engagement, customer messaging, and/or partner experience.

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Navigating The Zig-Zagging Career Path Of Rapid Growth
Article | By Craig Dunham, Seismic

My career path hasn’t been linear, but these days, is anyone’s? I think it’s safe to say that the days of 40 years with one company and retiring with a gold watch are behind us. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median job tenures are around four years and even less in smaller, high-growth companies.

Steps To Proactively Manage Your Q4 Renewal Period
Article | By Cori Pearce, ChurnZero

If you are like most B2B companies, Q4 is a busy selling season, which in turn means it also becomes a big renewal period for customer success teams. Because so much is on the line, Q4 can be a stressful period. But, if you’re prepared for it ahead of time, you’ll have a better chance of making things work in your favor.

SaaS: Built To Last Or Built To Lose? The Growing Opportunity For On-Premise Vendors
Article | Revulytics

What is the true demand for enterprise SaaS applications? And if demand isn’t what it seems, what’s the true profitability of SaaS vendors?

5 Steps To Drive Your SaaS Company From Early To Growth Stage
  E-Book | Sage Intacct, Inc.

Investors expect you to prove different aspects of your business model at each stage of growth to achieve your next round of funding. This e-book focuses on the early and growth stages. In your early stage, you need to prove your revenue model.