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04.17.19 -- What Payments M&A Activity Can Mean To An ISV

Featured Editorial
Advice For Marketing IT Services & Solutions To The Hospitality Industry
Guest Column | A conversation with Crystal Barrineau, OrderCounter

Crystal Barrineau is the director of marketing at OrderCounter — a software company specializing in POS and cloud-hybrid solutions for restaurants. She took time to talk with about the importance of on-site demos, marketing tactics that work in hospitality, and more.

Turning Customer Relationships Into Partnerships
Guest Column | By Ganesh Shankar, RFPIO

Software sales executives need to realize it’s equally important to focus on what happens after the close.

Software Insights
How To Evaluate Embedded BI In 5 Easy Steps
Article | By Nicole Hitner, Exago BI

If wading through a sea of embedded BI solutions in search of the perfect fit for your product sounds daunting, it should. Wading really isn’t what you want to be doing, but it’s what SaaS providers end up doing when they launch a product search without a plan.

Top 5 SaaS Metrics Investors Want To See – By Venture Stage
Article | By David Appel, Sage Intacct, Inc.

If you don’t prepare ahead of time, you could get stuck not producing the key SaaS metrics that investors want to see when they’re considering whether to invest in your next round. Not preparing the right SaaS metrics by venture stage for your VCs can ultimately reduce valuation, or even kill your fund raise.

What Payments M&A Activity Can Mean To An ISV
Article | EVO Payments

For ISVs, payments M&A activity can mean you arrive at work one day to find that your payment processing partner is different than the day before. You may even suddenly be linked to a company that you had decided not to partner with for one reason or another — or you may now be a part of an ISV partner program at a company that offers what you had considered a rival solution. Regardless of the situation, payments M&A activity begs the question: Stay or go?

12 Sales Enablement KPIs For Enterprise Sales Leaders
White Paper | Seismic

Sales leaders are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve processes, motivate their teams, unlock efficiencies, and ultimately close more deals.

How SkyWire POS Took Charge Of Subscription Management
Case Study | SaaSOptics

Skywire POS went from spreadsheets to a subscription management tool, and then realized their headaches weren't over yet. Here's what they did to get a handle on financial operations.

Using Targeted In-Application Messaging To Convert More Trial Users To Paying Customers
Case Study | Revulytics

A software company faced a common problem. It was extremely dissatisfied with the number of trial users who converted to paying customers: only 20 sales per 1,000 downloads. And, it was wasting sales resources on low-quality leads.

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