Article | May 17, 2019

What Real Sales Engagement Looks Like

Source: Yesware

By Sophia Seltenreich, Yesware

Employee Engagement

“Sales engagement,” a trendy term loosely tossed around by sales influencers and adopted by vendors as a convenient category for software. But as this trend is starting to gain traction, some are still left wondering, what exactly is sales engagement? Why are there so many different definitions of sales engagement? How do I measure sales engagement? Do I need special sales engagement software?

Let’s get to the bottom of what sales engagement actually is and how to think about sales engagement as it relates to your business and sales force.

What is Sales Engagement?

Sales (noun): the exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something.

Engagement (noun): the act of engaging; emotional involvement or commitment

Sales engagement can be defined as the exchanges (both emotional and monetary) between sales reps and their prospects/customers. Beyond the definition, sales engagement is also about understanding the buyer’s journey and helping to shape or support that journey as a salesperson. How you engage, when you engage, and the right way to engage are a function of the buyer and his/her needs at any given time. Sure, as a salesperson you want to shape that process, but you also have to be able to support it and make yourself valuable and helpful at the right time.